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Contractor Information

Contractor Information

Contractor Information

Contractor FAQs

What if I’m sick or running late?
If you are booked into an assignment and you are unable to go to work, or running late, please call your consultant as soon as possible so they can inform the client and organize a replacement if necessary.

What if I need to take leave?
If you require leave for any matter please contact your Alliance consultant and they will liaise with the client on your behalf. Remember, official you are an employee of Alliance and we act as your representative.

What if I have a job interview that I need to attend while on a temp assignment?
If you are seeking permanent work, please try and ensure that all job interviews are conducted during your lunch breaks or after hours. Please keep your Alliance consultant up to date with your progress in relation to other positions.

Should I stay in touch with my Consultant?
At Alliance, we like to keep in regular contact with you. If you’re actively looking for work please give us a call each week to keep us updated with your availability (Friday is a good day). If you are working on an assignment – please still keep in touch!

The Benefits of Temping for Alliance Recruitment

Alliance Recruitment is a national company, so if you are moving interstate we offer a wide range of offices and services that will be able to assist you. So now you can take your employer with you!

In addition, if your idea of a good job is one that doesn’t go too long, then temping offers you the flexibility to complete one assignment and have a break before you commence your next one.

A foot in the door
The greatest benefit to you as a temporary employee is that temping gets you inside the door. Companies usually need temps to cover leave or unexpected peaks in workloads. Once you are on the inside, you have tremendous advantages. You can explore a new company and learn about a new industry. You can meet new people you otherwise would probably have never met.

Gateway to Permanency
A foot in the door and excellent performance on the job can even lead to the offer of a permanent job within that company. The ‘Try Before You Buy’ concept allows you to make sure that this is a field you would like to make your career. They may even create a role especially for you!

Getting paid for every hour you work whilst learning new skills and industries
Think of temping as a way to be paid while learning and expanding your network of contacts.
If you want to change industries, temping is a great way to explore different fields, many you might have not considered before. Working for a museum, advertising agency, or investment bank sound interesting? You can only really know once you're there, and temping can give you that opportunity.